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UV Germicidal Lights

Short-Wavelength Light Effectively Neutralizes Bacteria

Sometimes, homeowners have to get creative to destroy the germs, bacteria, viruses, and molds that populate their home. Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling’s UV germicidal lights help Clinton Township homeowners rid themselves of the illnesses that result from these microorganisms’ presence in their houses. These systems utilize short-wavelength light to damage the genetic material of contaminants, which effectively renders them harmless. UV light is so effective it can also break down particles found on surfaces, such as a kitchen or bathroom counter. You don’t have to close your windows to stay ahead of allergy season; allow UV light to do the heavy lifting for you.

How UV Light Renders Germs Harmless

The technology that enables UV light to neutralize germs and bacteria is simple and effective. Hoover  will strategically place one or more units in your home. Germicidal lamps look like tubes. Inside these low-pressure tubes is a chamber, which does all the heavy lifting in killing the harmful contaminants found inside your home. As air passes into the unit, the map inside zaps it and filters healthy, bacteria- and germ-free air through the system. Our UV pure air systems are clinically-proven to disinfect your home’s air supply, as well as hard surfaces and water. They’re used in high-pressure environments, such as hospitals, further emphasizing their trustworthiness. When you purchase one through our company, you can rely on it to be:

  • Ozone-free
  • Chemical-free
  • Safe
  • Effective at destroying 99.9% of irritants
  • Impactful within 24 hours

The Benefits of Using UV Light for Indoor Air Quality

There are numerous advantages involved with installing a new ultraviolet light system in your home. Across the region, we’ve satisfied customers by placing these units in the right spot and improving the indoor air quality in their homes in the process. The benefits of UV germicidal lights include:

Better Indoor Air Quality

If someone in your family struggles with seasonal allergies or chronic asthma, then you want to do what you can do to secure their health and happiness. There’s a reason doctors’ offices and hospitals use UV light in their facilities: It works. The bacteria, germs, and biological contaminants in your house don’t stand a chance.


Ultraviolet light. The phrase might scare some people, but we assure you of its safety. Still, we take great care to house the system in your heating and cooling system. Not only is that an ultra-safe location for the ultraviolet light system, but it’s also the most effective place to store it. Your heating and air conditioning ducts are the most efficient delivery system for contaminants, making them the ideal placement spot.

Odor Reduction

Here’s a fringe benefit of a UV germicidal light system: It also eliminates some foul odors. Food smells, dirty laundry, cigarette smoke, and pet dander all emit noticeable smells. And while ultraviolet light won’t comprehensively get rid of them, it will severely reduce the odors you can do without.


Manufacturers design HVAC systems to function under peak circumstances. If your home’s duct system is clogged with contaminants, these small particles force the air conditioner or heater to work overtime to compensate. Even more destructive than that, the particles that create unhealthy living situations also clog the HVAC system. Removing them at the source is a great way to extend the life of your system.

HVAC System Longevity

Investing in a UV light system is also an investment in your air conditioning and heating system because it will reduce the amount of debris, pollen, and other contaminants that fix themselves to the HVAC filters and clog the system itself.

Ease of Maintenance

One of the best aspects of UV germicidal lights is their self-cleaning characteristics. Once we install the system, you don’t need to worry about regular maintenance tasks. Once or twice a year, access the area where we housed the light and replace the bulbs. Beyond bulb replacement, your maintenance commitment is non-existent.

Trust Our Highly-Qualified Customer Service Representatives

Hoover offers free estimates, so contact us today. During our initial visit to your home, we’ll walk you through the benefits of installing UV lights, as well as perform a cursory inspection. This step enables us to pinpoint the best place to place the air quality control system. We have years of experience, and each member of our team undergoes rigorous training so they can deliver the patented blend of superior products and high-quality customer service we’re known for in the area.